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If you have never used a CBD product before, it’s probably the best option for you to start with. The cannabis industry’s recent growth spurt has resulted in a lot of questionable products being manufactured and put on the market before any government agency has had an opportunity to evaluate their safety. Thankfully, there are guidelines you can follow to keep yourself safe.

Check for Purity

Be careful to check for where the CBD oil was manufactured. You don’t want cheap varieties from countries like China. Hemp that is grown cheaply is not of good quality and neither will the CBD oil made from it. The standards of cannabis farming are probably the highest rated in the United States than in any other country.

The best way to check for the origin and purity of CBD oil is with the certificate of analysis or COA. The COA label proves that the oil has been tested for purity and potency by an independent lab that will hold the manufacturer responsible if the results are less than favorable. This label should be on the bottle or packaging of any CBD oil you choose to purchase.

Want THC in Your CBD?

Most people who choose to use CBD oil don’t want any THC in it. THC is what creates the high that marijuana smokers go for. Depending on how the cannabinoids were extracted, there may or may not be a trace of THC in it. If there is, it will most probably be in minuscule amounts, but it can still affect you.

You can avoid THC, or any other chemicals found in cannabis, by purchasing only CBD isolate oil. This means that no other chemical from the plant is contained in the oil. If the CBD isolate you purchase starts to become less effective with time, you might need to change the variety you use. Full-spectrum CBD oils contain all chemicals found in the cannabis plant including THC. Broad-spectrum CBD oils contain all of the chemicals found in cannabis except the THC.

Practically every chemical compound found in cannabis has its value or benefit. and Having one or more along with the cannabinoid (CBD) in your oil might add to its effectiveness. The choice you make depends on your individual needs and what you want from your CBD oil.