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CBD is not only the latest trending health supplement for people but their best furry friends too. Research and studies are proving that the positive benefits that CBD can provide for humans can also be seen with pets, specifically dogs, cats, and horses. These furry animals have similar nervous systems, body, and cellular functions to that of their human owners, thus making CBD have similar therapeutic effects on both.

CBD in General

CBD or cannabidiol is a compound that is found in one of the cannabis Sativa plants, mainly hemp and has been used around the world for its healing properties for centuries. CBD does not have intoxicating effects like its well-known partner THC, another type of chemical found in cannabis.

The ban on hemp was recently lifted in the United States with Farm Bill Act of 2018, lifting restrictions that had previously limited research and use. The lift on hemp cultivation has opened the door for products containing CBD to be created and utilized for the management and support of many medical conditions and unpleasant ailments while being further studied.

Cannabidiol reacts with neurotransmitters in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) as it reaches the brain after ingestion. The ECS is found in all mammals and is thought to regulate and control pain, appetite, sleep, anxiety, depression, and maintain overall balance throughout the body. Products containing CBD for pets include dog treats, tinctures, topical balms, powders, and capsules.

Benefits of CBD for Pets

CBD can help provide many benefits for our furry friends and make their lives more comfortable. It is advisable to purchase your pets CBD products from a reputable distributor that is knowledgeable about the use, laws, and quality of the merchandise being purchased. Benefits that your pet may experience from CBD can include:

  • Help with anxiety.
  • Stress reduction.
  • Pain and inflammation relief.
  • Help alleviate nausea and vomiting.
  • May help with cancer and its symptoms.
  • It helps with appetite.
  • It can help treat seizures and epilepsy.

CBD is proving that it is a viable supplement for supporting and managing many medical disorders and unpleasant symptoms that can plague your pet. Cannabidiol is a safe alternative that is capable of making your pet comfortable and can help maintain their overall health, which in turn can give you peace of mind.