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The CBD market has changed a lot over the past 10 years. It has become a hot commodity by many people. The CBD market helps people with pain and various medical conditions. It also helps people with their health and some people use it for relaxation. However, in 2020 and beyond, CBD is going to take on a different role within society.

Hemp is Going to be used as a Mental Health Aid

There is a mental health crisis within the United States. There is no denying this fact. This crisis had become a huge problem between 2017 – 2019. The rates of mental health incidences rose dramatically. A few people started to use CBD oil for their mental health. In the past decade at least 1 in 5 people used CBD to treat this condition. Research is going to increase in this area and more mental health patients should be using this remedy for treatment.

The Food and Supplement Market is Expected to Change Dramatically in 2020s

The food industry believes that the consumer food, beverage and supplement market should change to include more CBD infused products. This isn’t going to happen right away because CBD has not been declared safe enough to include in food or health products. Still, CBD products are going to be included within the market. This is a major direction where CBD is headed.

Canadian Markets are Going to Start Accepting more CBD Products

Canada is now poised to take on more CBD products. A lot of hemp is expected to be transported and grown within that nation. As the hemp market grows so will Canada’s need for this product. Canadians have been using hemp in the past, but it was not as widespread as in America. The 2020s will see this situation change as more Canadian people embrace this substance.

Growers Expect Cheaper CBD Sales in 2019

Growers expect CBD sales to decline because of an abundance of hemp crops leftover from the 2010s. The surplus of hemp will cause the prices to decline until more consumers demand this substance. Still, the demand for hemp is not in decline. This situation simply means that there is just more of this substance around for people to consume. Well, at least for now.